What Do You Want To Achieve?

Fill Out Your Goal Worksheet


Goals are dreams with a deadline. ~ Napoleon Hill

Goal Worksheet

google.com_.LeanGoal2-300x204Setting and Reaching Your Goals

Your home business can be an amazing and fulfilling journey. But it’s impossible to reach your destination if you don’t know where you want to end up. Ask any successful entrepreneur and they will certainly tell you to set your sights on exactly what you want, then take the steps that will lead you to it. In other words, set goals that specifically determine your end result and map out your course to reach it.

At Vertical Rising we strive to improve online business in areas where others never have. We believe that teaching you to think and plan like a successful entrepreneur is the most important first step in helping you become a successful entrepreneur.

Of course we can’t set your goals for you. But we can show you the best ways to set your goals so you’ll have the best possible opportunity to get your goals. How do the most accomplished people set their goals with the most possible certainty of reaching them instead of just hoping things will turn out ok?

Proven Steps For Setting and Reaching Your Goals:

1.  Be specific – an effective goal should answer questions like “how much?” “how many?” “when?” Be sure to write your goals down.

2.  Break down goals into a series of smaller goals (Benchmarking) – Again, be specific and set dates for each step.

3. Review, Measure, Reset – Evaluate your progress and tweak your goals as you go.

Action Step: Complete, Submit and Print Your Goal Worksheet

Now it’s time for you to start setting your goals. Using the link below, carefully answer the questions on the Goal Worksheet. You’ll continue to refer back to your worksheet throughout your training to assess your progress.

Print and keep your worksheet handy for your Strategy Session, as you’ll be using it to determine the precise business strategy that will enable you to reach and even exceed your goals.

Once the Goal Worksheet has been completed and submitted to your sponsor you may proceed to the next step by returning to the opening page of your 100k Business Plan tomorrow and clicking Day 2. Later in the process we’ll come back to this worksheet and map out specific dates and action steps to get your goals met!