reaching_for_the_goalsAt this point you have now set up the basic foundation for your business in Vertical Rising. It is time now to make a plan to fire it up and start making money!

By now you should have been in contact with your sponsor/WMI Consultant several times and you’re ready to work with your team on three crucial steps to completing you business setup:

  • 30-60 minute Strategy Session – defining your goals, your primary product and your next steps
  • 60-90 minute Business Plan – creating a detailed road map to achieve your short and long-term goals
  • Taking Command of Your Business – implementing the daily strategies of Top Producers

Action Step:

• If you haven’t already done so, get your Strategy Session scheduled NOW by contacting your sponsor/WMI Consultant directly.

While You Wait

While you wait for the scheduled call time to arrive we suggest you review the segments on the Business Model, Top Tier Positioning, Top Tier Products and Show Me The Money! You cannot be too familiar with the specifics of how money is made in this business.

Look for more examples in day to day life of front end/back end product relationships and real-life sales funnels. Find the “feeder products” in various businesses. Look for the high ticket back end. Think about how much it costs businesses to acquire customers. Where are the profits being made?

The world we live in is practically made up of marketing, almost down to a molecular level. Look for it and you will see it everywhere. At first it can be overwhelming but the more you think about and apply these basic concepts, the more they become second nature, and soon you will be looking at businesses thinking about how you could improve them. And maybe eventually you will improve the businesses of others… for a nice fee :)

Then think about how the Internet is much more efficient than traditional “brick and mortar” businesses.

Practice explaining the business to yourself. The better you are at explaining the business to yourself and others the more confidently you will proceed.

And if it’s still a challenge… don’t fret. By the time you finish your 100k Business Plan you will have a crystal clear picture of where you are headed and how you are getting there.

It starts with your Strategy Session, so get with your sponsor right away to complete this first milestone in your 100k Business Plan.