Your Plan For Your Business: Goals and Commission


Setting a goal is not the main thing. It’s deciding how you’ll go about achieving it and staying with the plan. ~ Tom Landry

Pre-Business Plan Part 2

Welcome back. It’s almost time for your Business Plan calls! If you haven’t scheduled yours, it’s important that you contact your sponsor/WMI Consultant right away and get that on your calendar.

Remember, we do your Business Plan in two parts. Please allow 2-3 hours for the entire process. First, you’ll attend the live, interactive group conference call with one of the WMI top producers. Have your Business Plan Call Worksheet ready, which you’ll print out below.

WMI Business Plan Call

Thursdays at 12 pm ET


pin: 100151

To complete your individual Business Plan you’ll follow up with your sponsor/WMI consultant on a separate private call.

Action Steps:

1. Print your Business Plan Call Worksheet and complete part 1. Have it handy for the conference call: Click Here To Download

2. Watch John Jackson’s video on making the most of your WMI Compensation Plan:

Completed these steps? Great! You’re ready for your personal Business Plan! Your sponsor/WMI Consultant will guide you back to your 100k Business Plan opening page where you’ll click the Individual Business Plan link.