Are You Positioning Yourself For Success?


Once you’ve made a decision the universe conspires to make it happen. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Top Tier Positioning

Making the right choice of top tier opportunity product you market on the back end can literally make or break your Internet home business. Choose the right one and you’re positioned to make thousands per sale and create massive success. Choose the wrong one and you could be destined to thousands of wasted dollars and hours, much frustration and even complete failure. Yes, it’s that important. At VR we’ll do everything in our power to have everything you need to get customers (traffic), build sales funnels that work, learn how to sort and follow up with prospects and have the best, most profitable products to sell. The last one (products) involves some decision making on your part, namely selecting what your primary opportunity product will be. Although product mix is the “last” of the five components in this list, it is the first thing we must decide on.

Truth #1: The Bigger The Commissions Your Primary Product Pays, The More (and Faster) You Will Earn

Let’s revisit our auto mechanic. Remember the 20 oil change day?  In the last example the shop made up its $400 loss with some smaller back-end offers. But what if none of those customers actually needed anything besides the oil change? The shop would have to take the loss and hope for better customers the next day. But what if an SUV suddenly drives in with some serious issues. All at once the shop’s whole day has just turned around. Now the shop is going to be able to put in a new transmission for a $2,000 profit!

Because of this single sale, instead of losing $400, the mechanic makes $1600 profit! What would happen if he just sold all the lower priced products and did not sell transmissions? Instead of the $1600 profit our mechanic would have lost the SUV to the shop across town that does sell transmissions, and he would have gone home with the $400 loss for the day. This is just as true with your business as it is with this mechanic.  There are always entrepreneurs looking for legitimate opportunities to make big money themselves. Stop to consider that fact that every McDonald’s you visit, every gas station you stop at, in fact every business you see when you drive through town represents  someone who invested tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to start (or millions in many cases).  People are looking for business opportunities.  If you do not have the big opportunity, someone else does.

Truth #2:  Positioning Makes All The Difference

Where you position within whatever product line you choose is just as important as the product line itself. To explain this, let’s return to the transmissions.  The transmissions that the mechanic installs come in three different performance types.  This mechanic is only authorized to install the base and middle varieties. The elite variety must be installed by a “certified” mechanic.  The base transmission earns $1,000 and the middle one $2,000.  The owner of the SUV decides he wants the elite performance transmission, which would have netted the mechanic $4,000. The auto shop had to do the same amount of work to get the SUV in the door, but since the mechanic wasn’t qualified to make the elite sale, a certified mechanic from the shop down the street agrees to come down and do the installation for $3000.  So the original mechanic earns $1000 AND had to pay for the cost of acquiring the customer (all those oil changes!).  Meanwhile the “certified” mechanic walked down the street and picked up a cool $3000 with no customer acquisition cost.

Now you can clearly see the power of proper positioning. Just like the auto mechanic, positioning yourself at the proper level in a top tier opportunity product line allows you to earn maximum commissions on the work you do.  In fact, you’ll also be positioning yourself to sometimes make money on work done by others who have not positioned themselves properly, just like the certified mechanic.You will discuss all of this in your Strategy Session and Business Plan with your business coach. But for now it’s important to get the basic understanding of the top-tier business model and how it will benefit you in your business.

THE BOTTOM LINE -  While it may not be true at the gym, when it comes to your Internet home business, you want the biggest back end you can get! In other words, your business profit is only as big as your back-end commission.

The Decision Is Simple:

Choose the best, highest paying back end product, position yourself well and set yourself up to make the highest possible commissions. It’s really no wonder the “Top-Tier Direct Sales” Industry finally came about. For years the typical home business model taught millions of people to try making money by selling small, inexpensive (and low-commission) products like household products, lotions, vitamins, etc. Most people made very little money. Then a bigger thinker figured out that you could create a real, high earning home business by selling more expensive (but more valuable) products. People could actually start earning a living selling these products and making the larger commissions per sale.

Work Smarter, Not Harder! We know that the average home business entrepreneur makes between 1-3 sales per month. If you’re only making $50 a sale, that’s not even worth your time. But when you can earn $7000 on just one sale, you’re suddenly earning a six-figure annual income from just 1-3 sales per month. Now that’s working smarter.

How Do I Know I’m Choosing the Best Top Tier Company?

To us at Vertical Rising, a company’s track record, value and integrity are just as important as how much commission they pay. After all, our reputation is only as good as those we associate with. Likewise, your business reputation, and ultimately your success, will only be as good as the products/opportunity you’re marketing. Our research and experience, as well as the indisputable fact that our company of choice has created more high-profile, top producing internet home business superstars than any other company, allows us to recommend with confidence Wealth Masters International as the best choice for your back end top tier opportunity.

The proven formula for choosing a Top-Tier Direct Sales company is to:

1) Analyze the company’s pay plan and 2) position yourself to earn the largest upfront commissions possible on each sale.  This well-known marketing concept is often referred to as GPT (Get Paid Today).  How much you GPT each time you sign up an opportunity customer–dictates your earnings.

*Note – much has been made of residual income as the main attraction of opportunity businesses.  While residual (passive) income is great, it only materializes if you can generate enough business and stay in business long enough to let your residuals grow.  Upfront money is what will get you to the residuals. We believe that as you learn about Wealth Masters International in the upcoming modules, you’ll see exactly why we recommend it as your top tier opportunity.

Your next step is to learn about the top tier opportunity product that VR strongly recommends for your primary product line – Wealth Masters International (WMI). 

No other company offers this complete spectrum of marketability, integrity, product value and commission payouts. Trust us, we have researched over 1000 other companies and no one else comes close.  WMI is the primary product line that ALL of our consultants are using for our back end profit system. Your next module will show you everything you need to know about WMI:

  • Who is WMI? Meet WMI founders, Kip Herriage and Karl Bessey
  • What are the products? Learn about the product line that builds wealth like nothing else in the direct sales industry.
  • What is WMI’s mission? Discover the way these products not only help you make money, but also help you keep, protect and grow the money you make.
  • What can I expect to earn? See how easy it is with these products to reach that 6 or 7 figure annual income.
  • What are other marketers saying about WMI? Hear testimonials and amazing endorsements.

After going through the next step, you’ll understand why the top earners in VR use Wealth Masters International as their top tier product line. Simply return to your 100k Business Plan opening page tomorrow and click Day 3.